Hair Mineral Analysis Testing

Hair Mineral Analysis Testing

Did you know that minerals are involved in almost all enzyme reactions in the body? If these enzyme reactions are not firing efficiently, then our bodies cannot function efficiently. Using a Hair Mineral Analysis or sometimes called Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to balance minerals in the body is essential to having you on your way to optimal disease prevention. All the minerals in the body affect each other. Not only does a HMA tell us the levels of minerals and potential heavy metal toxicities, it also tell us the ratios, which are crucial.

Correcting mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxicity are getting more and more attention these days as front runners in preventing certain illnesses. Lisa Walker is one of the few CNP’s who performs Hair Mineral Analysis Testing in the Ottawa area.
Much of the population today is currently at risk for mineral deficiencies. Many factors contribute to this, such as: viral and bacterial infections including gut dysbiosis and Lyme, stress, refined foods, food additives, and the fact that much of our soil is depleted of important minerals. All minerals have a complex interactions and affect each other. Intake of excess minerals is also a problem and sometimes overlooked. The excess of one mineral can depleted another. For example, a high intake of Calcium, reduces the intestinal absorption of Zinc, while and excess intake of Zinc can depress Copper absorption. Another potential concern is that we are also exposed to toxins and heavy metals. This can be hard to avoid, however some people are more susceptible and exposed more frequently than others. Some of the most common heavy metal offenders are: Cadmium, Lead, Mercury and Aluminum. Some of the places you will find these toxic heavy metals are: cigarette smoke, soil that has been contaminated by industrial areas, occupational hazards like welding, manufacturing of glass, and vinyl, contaminated water from old lead piping, farmed or Atlantic fish, influenza vaccines that contain thimerosol, tin foil, antiperspirants, antacids, and preservatives in some vaccines.

So what happens when you are exposed?
When you are exposed to toxins and heavy metals they enter your blood stream, circulate through your blood and after about 72 hours, get deposited into your hair, bones and teeth. Hair is considered a storage and eliminative tissue, therefore as your hair grows, it forms a permanent record of the body’s nutritional deficiencies, excesses or toxicities.
A hair mineral analysis provides a blueprint to increase your performance, improve your overall health & energy and eliminate brain fog. It can even show particular markers that will indicate if you are headed in a healthy or unhealthy direction – we have the potential to see issues before they manifest in the body.

What happens after my Hair Mineral Analysis is completed?
Once your hair sample is sent to the lab to be analyzed, a detailed report is generated for review by your practitioner. Upon this review, Lisa will use this report along with your whole body assessment, and symptomatology to create an individualized plan that is sustainable for you.

If you are interested in getting a Hair Mineral Analysis Test, head over to my contact page and send me a message.