Back to School Supplement Essentials

Back to School Supplement Essentials

Along with the new back pack, shoes, lunch box, pencils etc. I always make sure I have my favorite “back to school supplements” handy.

Here are some back to school supplement essentials to ensure your little (or big) scholar has their immune system in check and avoiding sick days! Here is my check list:

Children’s Chewable Probiotic

Taking a daily probiotic ensures that there is plenty of “healthy bacteria” in your children’s gut to fight off any bad bacteria and to maintain healthy digestion. 80% of your immune system is in your gut, so keeping your gut healthy is a huge step in preventing illness! You can find children’s probiotics in a chewable, liquid or powder form.

Children’s multi-vitamin

Multi-vitamins for children are loaded with vitamins and minerals needed to maintain optimal health.  Always be sure you are getting good quality supplements to ensure your children are absorbing what they are taking in. Many supplements are sold in forms that are very poorly absorbed. Remember, taking a good quality multi does not replace a diet rich in whole foods. Combining both will ensure your child’s immune system stays in top shape. You can find multi’s in a chewable, or powder form.

Fish oil

Fish oils have been shown to reduce inflammation, improve immune function, and improve cognitive skills such as memory and behavior. Fish oil can be tricky to swallow for some kids, however there are many great ones now available with delicious flavors (Bonus: many of them DO NOT have the burp back effect – which if you have ever experienced, is just plain gross!) Liquid Omegas can easily be mixed in to water,  juice, or smoothies. Look for good quality fish oils which are filtered and distilled to remove any contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals such as mercury.


Magnesium is basically a wonder mineral! It is especially important for those of you who have children who suffer from nervousness, anxiety, sleeplessness, having trouble relaxing and bowel irregularity. It is also extremely important for bone, nerve and muscle function.

This mineral is known for its anti-stress and relaxing properties. It can be introduced in many ways, including as a gummy, a drink, a capsule or topically!